Refund & Cancellation Policy



Our website possesses all the information regarding our products and services to make sure that our software products suit your requirements. Our sales and customer service representative is always available to help you make a wise decision.

Your choice of the product and its quality features may not be always acceptable under unfavourable conditions. Make sure to scrutinize our Refund policy before purchasing to avoid late disappointments. Keeping in mind that our products and services are incorporeal and immutable, you can’t get it replaced physically. But we are committed to reinstate your investments in the product, provided that:

  • The product delivered differs from the one discussed in the quotation
  • The problems on the customer side are effectively reported in detail
  • The products with imperfections are not mentioned within the time limit

The customer can choose upon a refund of their investment over the product without any remuneration, or they can request a replacement of the product as per the quotation. No refunding is offered to those customers in the case if:

  • The client fails to follow-up with the customer service team at Online Geeks Squad Services or delays any requested support.
  • There is a situation of plight concerned with the cause of the product refund
  • The customer made an accidental purchase overrating the product features
  • The issue is on the side of the customer including system failure, network failure, or by a third party.
  • The purchased product undergoes damage, retrade, theft, or loss.